October 2015 - Oracle Card Reading October 1, 2015 12:00

October brings with it, an unsettled feeling for many. Things might not have worked out the way you had hoped, but you can try again. Your power lies not in how the chips fall, but in how you handle yourself moving forward. You may feel that following your dreams is just too risky and your self-confidence is causing you to hesitate. Learn what you can from your situation and carefully evaluate the way events have transpired, in order to gain valuable lessons for your future.

Someone in your life may allow their own ego to discourage you from following your true path. Their own desire to win or get ahead is so strong that this individual will ignore the needs of others. Review everyone's motives including your own, and do what you can to foster a win-win resolution. You or someone in your life may have a strong desire for revenge. Thinking only of yourself will lead to bad choices. Make sure your decisions going forward are ethical and good for everyone involved. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated or in relationships with other people who may have these ulterior motives.

As you get settled into the month and have spent time reviewing your situation, know that this is not the time to rest. You need to keep going onto the next project, so step back and make a plan for the future. Keep your fire burning and enthusiasm high - keep the momentum going! Approach things with the long term in mind. There is cause for celebration however you can’t afford to be distracted from your plans to move forward.

You will need patience while you wait for the results from previous decisions. Use this time to explore the possibilities for how to promote your skills or talents. As tempting as it may be to stop and relax, you really must keep pushing forward because you are on a role! Now is a time of structured and controlled progress. There is great hope and potential for the future. Your foresight is excellent so move forward with confidence. You have what it takes to turn a negative into a positive and you have the drive to see projects through until completion.

As you make it through mid- October you will find you have a complex decision to make and you are finding it difficult to choose between the options available to you. Sometimes when we have choices we replay our options over and over and over again in our mind and still, nothing is clear. It is always important to do your homework so you know what your choices and options are. Once you have the facts there are 2 simple methods you can use for finding clarity. The first is a simple PROS and CONS or a benefits and features list. It's tried and true and can be used in so many situations. Pull out a pen and paper and get writing. 

The second is meditation. There is no proper or perfect way to meditate. The only way is YOUR way and what works for you. So sit or lay down anywhere you are comfortable. Calm your mind and body by taking long deep inhales and exhales (count to 5...) in and out of your nose. Once you are relaxed just let go. Let your mind wander. Let it think about anything it wants with no expectations or judgement. You can take a mental note of your thoughts but don't try to control them in any way. When you are done you will often find a profound sense of clarity and will find decision making much easier.

Now that you have made your list and done some meditation it is time for action. No more procrastination. No more wild thoughts about what could go wrong. No more confusion. You have tools now to help you find clarity. Research, counsel, written pros and cons and meditation. You have your plan. Try to focus and do not limit yourself with unrealistic expectations. Addictions can play a role right now so be careful of your actions. If you need help, now is a good time to ask. Now is the time to just DO IT!

Towards the end of the month you will need to make time to adopt a new passion or interest. Has there been something in particular on your mind lately? Something you would like to do, study or participate in? Now is the time to explore any signs you may have been receiving about new passions and interests. There is good news coming to you about financial matters. You can take a moment to breathe and know that better days are just around the corner. Your plans will move forward successfully at a steady pace so keep pushing forward and don’t give up even when you are presented with challenges that might be very difficult.

It could be time to return to school or to study more about something that interests or appeals to you. Do your research and enjoy this time in your life. You have the wonderful ability to remain optimistic, but still be realistic about what can be accomplished. You are not just a dreamer but a doer! You are dependent, and trustworthy and these qualities allow you to be a success, having wisdom well beyond your years.

May the month ahead be full of light, love and laughter,


Messages for October came from the following oracle cards: Five of Air, Three of Fire, Seven of Water and Page of Earth.

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