Rose Quartz Infused 100% Natural Solid Perfumes

Vegan friendly & infused with Rose Quartz crystal to surround you with good vibes! Made with 100% pure essential oils.

Road to Happy all natural perfumes are scented with pure essential oils and blended with vegan friendly Candelilla Wax, Ccocoa Butter and Fractionated Coconut Oil. 

Each tin is infused with Rose Quartz Crystal - the stone of self love & positive energy, to surround the wearer in loads of good vibes. That's right! There are REAL little Rose Quartz gems inside each and every tin! 

Natural perfumes have a lighter scent than regular synthetic versions and the solid form doesn't take its true scent until its warmed up by applying to your skin.

Rich and creamy, Road to Happy solid perfumes do double duty as a moisturizer - making them great for travel!

-Vegan Friendly-

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