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Each oil is packaged in a 5ml amber glass bottle with dropper top.

For a variety of reasons, not every scent makes the cut! Now is your chance to try out some limited edition fragrance oil samples at 50% off our regular price! Each amber glass bottle with dropper top holds 5ml of concentrated fragrance oil that can be used in your fave DIY projects. 

DIY projects might include scenting bath salts, holiday ornaments, wreaths, pinecones or potpourri, adding to vacuum filters or diffusing. Scents can be layered to create new creations such as Strawberry Jam with Cream Cheese Frosting to Make Strawberry Cheesecake!

All fragrance oils contain fractionated coconut oil and are paraben and phthalate free. Quantities in some scents are extremely limited. While supplies last.


Alpine Cheer - Holiday notes of fir needle, cinnamon stick, cranberries, crisp apple and cedarwood.

Alpine Frost - Fresh breezes, orchid and ylang ylang dance on top of cypress trees, frosted woods, oakmoss and fresh spices. 

Amber Romance - Enticing notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla.

Autumn Breeze - Fresh breezes, orchid and ylang ylang dance on top of sandalwood, patchouli and freshly fallen leaves. A woodsy, earthy fragrance.

Beneath the Stars - An enveloping blend of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk.

Bergamot & Mandarin - A sophisticated and sparkling blend of bergamot and mandarin orange. 

Candy Crush - Sweet banana and juicy kiwi are perfectly blended with lemon sugar and vanilla.

Cashmere & Pear - A sophisticated blend of anjou pear, sweet pea, tahitian tiare flower, papaya, sugar cane and white musk.

Chardonnay Wine - White wine, crisp white grapes, berries, and a touch of oak.

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - A holiday treat of roasted chestnuts, caramel, rich butter, brown sugar and vanilla.

Cinnabon - Cinnamon and brown sugar baked into moist cake with drizzled icing.

Cookies & Cream - Cookie dough blended with milk chocolate chips, vanilla, brown sugar and a hint of rum.

Crackling Firewood  - The warm glow of crackling warm woods blended with a hint of sweet raspberry and vanilla.

Cream Cheese Frosting - A creamy and smooth blend of whipped buttercream, vanilla extract and confectionary sugar. Layer it with other scents to create unique cheesecake scented fragrances!

Fudge Brownie - Rich, dark chocolate fudge with milk chocolate and walnuts.

Galactic Grape - Robust, plump concord grapes blended with sun ripened berries.

Green Apple - Green peel notes subtly soften the pervading sweetness of crisp ripe green apples.

Gingerbread - Freshly shaven nutmeg, clove, ginger and cinnamon.

Gingersnap Cookies - Warm, baked cinnamon and ginger swirled with drops of golden butter.

Home Sweet Home - A classic delight of cinnamon stick, clove buds and apple.

Hot Cocoa  - Milk chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream and warmed to perfection.

Melon Ball - A juicy blend of ripe mango, papaya and watery melon.

Merlot - A blend of the rich sweetness of cherry and crisp plum.

Mistletoe - Resinous pine with rich woods and pineapple.

Nutty Nog - Creamy steamed coconut milk sprinkled with grated nutmeg and a touch of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Peppermint Bark - Crushed candy canes are sprinkled over layers of sugary white chocolate.

Pumpkin Pickin - Ripened pumpkin warmed with freshly ground nutmeg.

Purely Peppermint - A flurrying blizzard of cool peppermint.

Reindeer Poop - Cozy notes of hot cocoa, steamed milk, vanilla cream and maple sugar.

Sage & Citrus - A favourite blend of clary sage, crisp lemon and sparkling lime.

Santa's Tree Farm - The aroma of a freshly cut Christmas Tree.

Snowman Poop - Notes of morning frost, candied peppermint, cinnamon sticks and spruce.

Sparkling Snowflake - Sweet juices of rich black plum cascade over fresh, green pine needles.

Spiced Chestnut - Roasted chestnuts warmed with spiced berry, nutmeg, clove and warm vanilla sugar.

Spiced Cranberry - Tart cranberry, warm cinnamon, and spicy clove dappled with droplets of sweet mandarin orange.

Strawberry Jam - A whirlwind of succulent strawberries, sweet vanilla sugar, and sticky syrup.  Reminiscent of Strawberry Shortcake dolls of the 80’s.

Sugar Cookie - Just like mom use to make - yummy cookies made with sugar and vanilla and fresh from the oven.

Tropical Spice - Cinnamon bark, clove leaf, spiced rum, jasmine petals, tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, musk.

Tutti Fruity - A blend of juicy orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla.

White Christmas – nice, a bit minty - A crisp outdoor blend of pine, fir needles, cedar bark and eucalyptus.


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