Magnetic Hematite "Rattlesnake Eggs"

$7.50 $10.00

Blast from the past! Do you remember "rattlesnake eggs"? These fun naturally magnetic stones make a cool buzzing sound when they meet similar to that of a rattlesnake or locust! 

Not only are these magnetic stones fun to play with they are very popular among those who like to keep their hands busy in times of stress.

- Use as a fidget tool for anxiety or to strengthen hands

- Use as a massage tool 

- Use to aid hand eye coordination 

- Use to surround you in high wave motion energy

Hematite promotes courage, self esteem & luck and helps to keep the owners chakra energy well balanced. One of the best grounding stones, it also promotes mental clarity and a protected safe environment based in peace & love.

Each set of two stones comes in a small burlap bag with an information tag.

Tip: If you are suffering from hip pain try putting the stone in your pocket. The magnetic energy has long been said to help alleviate body pain. 

As precaution, keep away from pets & small children (choking hazard) and due to the magnetic nature away from striped debit/credit cards and electronics.

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