Tumbled Rose Quartz


Since the time of Greek myths, Rose Quartz has had a reputation for being the stone of unconditional love. Cupid, Roman God of Desire and Affection, was said to have bestowed Rose Quartz stones upon the Earth as a gift of love, passion and happiness for all. 

Rose Quartz is a powerful ally when you want to attract a new relationship, love yourself more, or heal from past hurts. It will help restore faith, compassion, harmony, and balance in all matters of the heart & reduce stress!

Many people place the smooth tumbled stones in their bra or pocket to keep it on their person or place it under their pillow to sleep. Larger stones are wonderful on the bedside table. All size stones make a wonderful gift!

Information tag included. Please note that each crystal is unique and will vary in size, shape and color (it will not be exactly like the photo).

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